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Guidelines for Distributors and Affiliates

Product Presentations

Product presentations are conducted based upon the following elements:

• A new technology product being sold under the principles of integrity, clarity and respect of the potential customer.

• A well-informed and sincere salesperson that has personal experience of the benefits of the product.

• A 90-day, satisfaction guaranteed policy.

• Sales literature, website and other contact information for the customer.


In conducting the product presentation, the following etiquettes apply:

•  The product that we are representing is a high technology product that requires the necessary level of professionalism in its presentation.

•  It is important to respect the intelligence level, dignity and the inquisitiveness of the customer. The salesperson will provide an accurate, complete and proper presentation for the product and will answer each question with honesty and the customer’s well-being in mind.

•  It is important that a salesperson not talk down other competitive products such as home filtrations systems, bottled water or other electrolysis water systems. When presented properly, our product can stand on its own merits.

•  Whether the sales transaction is consummated or not, remind the potential customer of the importance of proper hydration for their overall well-being and to thank them for their time.


Situations to be Avoided

Our main theme is respect of the product, of the science, of its inventor, of the sales process and of the customer. If respect is practiced, then there will be no situations of exaggeration, sales made through the creation of fear, cutting down of competitors’ products, misrepresentations of the product and statements made that will infringe upon the law and guidelines of the FDA. Try to avoid wasting your time on detailed technical discussions (refer them to the Technology and Library sections of this website).


For further information, or to sign up as a distributor or an affiliate please contact us.