The key benefits of the energy-rich water produced by the Hydration Machine are:

    • Increases cellular hydration by increasing Intracellular Water (ICW) – THE KEY TO WELLNESS!
    • Safely detoxes and reduces the Extracellular Water (ECW), the water around every cell in your body (your fish bowl)
    • Provides more dissolved hydrogen to your body the best antioxidant known
    • Provides more dissolved oxygen to your bodyenhances aerobic metabolism
    • Increase the solubility, permeability and absorption of whatever you put in the water, and therefore its bioavailability in your body
    • Produces a synergistic/catalytic effect on antioxidants, enzymes, etc.
    • Reduce inflammation, the acknowledged cause of most chronic diseases
    • Increases the ICW/ECW ratio, thus reversing the dehydration trend associated with aging
    • Benefits also apply to animals and plants and culinary applications