Victoria and Dick at Dr. Phillips

Model Number:  ES-2000

Dimensions:  H=11.8”  |  W=9.6”   |  D=4.4”

Net Weight:  12.1 lbs

Rating: AC120V 60Hz 2.5A (300 watts)

Faucet Connection:  2-way diverter connects to the faucet

Source Water:  Municipally-certified safe drinking water

Water Pressure:  0.07~0.59 MPa (10~85 psi)

Water Temperature:  Maximum of (40°C) (104°F)

Electrolysis Method:  Continuous flow electrolysis (no back pressure)

Water Selection:  Electrolyzed Functional Water or Filtered Water

Limit to Continued Use:  30 minutes of continuous use

Electrode Material:  Platinum coated titanium

Electrode Cleaning:  Microprocessor-controlled automated cleaning

Pre-Filter Material:  Granular-activated carbon, fiber-activated carbon, Zeolite ceramic balls, ion-exchange fiber, calcium sulfite

Post-Filter Material:  Activated black carbon

Pre-Filtration Capacity:  Residual chlorine = 15,000 liters (3,947 gallons)

Post-Filtration Capacity:  Residual chlorine = 5,000 liters (1,316 gallons)

Production Volume:  2 liters per minute selecting the “OPTIMAL” flow  |  1 liter per minute ~ 5 liters per minute selecting other flow rates

Filter Replacement Interval: 

  • Pre-Filter at approximately 2 years
  • Post-Filter at approximately 8 months
  • Calculations based upon daily usage of 20 liters

Circuit Protection:

  • Glass 4A fuse
  • Thermal sensor in transformer

Country of Origin:  Japan

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